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Mini cup nutella cornflakes - Simple kids snack recipe - Kids Party snack recipe

I bought 1 box of plain cornflakes and it was sitting in the shelf for quite sometime. Since no one wanted plain one I started looking around for some recipes to use it. I posted Cornflakes cookie in my space before. But even after that I had some left over. So I decided to try mini cornflakes clusters. Since my family loved Flapjack I wanted to try similar recipe. My son gave me idea to mix in Nutella. I remember seeing similar recipe at ezcookbook. I have used my own measurement. For me the sweetness from Nutella was good enough so didn't add any additional sugar / honey if you need it pls go ahead

Kellogg plain cornflakes - 3-3.5 cups
Butter - 50 g
Nutella - 5 tablespoon


Melt the butter in a pan. Add Nutella and heat till it turns liquid stage. Now you add cornflakes Mix well. Mix carefully so that you don't break cornflakes
 Mix carefully so that you don't break cornflakes. Switch it off. Now spoon mixture into mini cups. Arrange it in a tray an keep it in the fridge for 30 mins minimum or till you need it. 
Serve chilled
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  1. easy and delicious and looks attractive for kids!

  2. such a cool idea to give a cute and yummy makeover to simple cornflakes. new here..lovely blog. :)

  3. Perfect treat for kids and for the coming festive season. Nutella, not something that excites me, so I shall opt for honey.

  4. very delicious and tempting snack, kids would love this..too good!

  5. wow dear excellent ingredients :) pass me the snack

  6. really useful post especially for me veena.. i too have left over corn flakes.. good idea.. surely will prepare this.. share some other links if you prepared anything using corn flakes..

  7. Snacks looks mouth watering ,surely going to try for my kids

  8. Can I have these for breakfast as there are cornflakes in them? ;-))

  9. Definitely a kid's friendly snacks, droolworthy..

  10. how did i miss to see this lovely recipe which u tried from my blog... tnx dear for nailing it... hope u enjoyed it


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