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My 1st son loves Mysore pak. In fact that is only Indian sweet he likes. Some time ago I had this sweet  at my friends house. And I was pretty confident my son would love it. But I kept postponing making it for one reason or other. Finally I got to it this time. This is simpler than Mysore pak and tasty too (of course less ghee than Mysore pak). Got the measurement from her. However I made some adjustment according to our family taste.

Besan flour / Gram flour - 1 cup
Milk - 1 cup ( i have used low fat)
Sugar - 3 cups ( I have reduced this into 2.5)
Ghee - 1 cup ( I have used 1.5 cups of ghee)
Coconut - 1 cup

Total 7 cups hence the name :-)


Mix all the ingredients except 2 tablespoon of ghee in the heavy bottom vessel. 
Mix well without lumps. Now cook the mixture in low flame. Stage 1 you will start to see some bubbles (for me it took ~4 mins) and it will start thicken. Next stage you will start to see porous texture.  
Now add the reserved 2 tablespoon of ghee. Mix well. Now the mixture will come together and leaves the side. 
Now pour this into greased pan  and using a Ghee dipped spoon level the the mixture. When it is still warm cut it in desired shape / size
When it is fully cool down store it in air tight container