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hominy - White Conjica Kheer - White Conjica dessert - White corn Payasam - Simple flavourful dessert from Brazil

In my last trip to Brazil back in June in my office we had local feast. Part of it there were lots of desserts to try. I tried a few. I loved this one. I requested for the recipe from my colleague. She got it from her mum. I also told her the main ingredient in it is something I have tasted in China but in Soup. At first they told me it is White Conjica. I was remembered my China friends told me it is White corn. So I asked them for English name. It is indeed white corn. Next day I got a pocket and recipe from them so sweet of them.. Here you go with the recipe

Conjica / white corn - 1 cup
Milk - 2 cups ( I have used low fat)
Coconut milk - 1 cup
Sugar to taste (I have used 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar, 2 tablespoon of brown sugar)
Cinnamon powder - 2 teaspoon


Wash and soak the white corn and cook it till soft or as per instruction on the package. Drain the water. Boil milk. Add Cooked Corn.

Add both the sugars and corn and cook till it reduces in 1/2 size. 

Add Cinnamon powder and mix well. Add coconut milk and cook for another min or 2. Switch it off.

Serve cold or hot with sprinkled cinnamon powder

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  1. very less ingredient and looks easy...

  2. I love white corn, its so big than regular one. Love this kheer too.

  3. New dish for me, kheer looks delicious..

  4. Never had corn kheer, but now that you tell me makes sense. Corn is sweet and would be perfect in a kheer.

  5. A new dish,sounds interesting,nice combination of ingredients

  6. I need to try this one it is easy it has coconut milk in it that is my favorite part. Looks delicious.

  7. wow looks so delciious never seen white corn..

  8. wow looks so delciious never seen white corn..

  9. White corn am hearing it for the first time..kheer looks be interesting

  10. this sounds really interesting... never seen white corn...

  11. Never knew white corn existed, not where I am. Its definitely a wonderful ingredient for the kheer. I love kheer but wonder if I can use yellow corn?

  12. Omg, this kheer makes me drool..looks fabulous.

  13. wow..interesting payasam with white corn,looks creamy n yumm:)


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