Dates Kheer - Payasam without sugar, ghee - Healthy Kheer - Pooja recipes - naivedyam recipe

When I my kids were young( wow! they really grow up fast....) I used to buy Dates syrup and add to their milk. As they grow they stopped drinking that. They love dates flavour chutney or shakes. Now a days due to fasting month I get so many different dates. Other day I up picked pack of medjool dates. I loved it. I thought it would taste heaven in kheer. So I made this quick kheer for evening snack. This is very healthy and filling recipe. It doesn't contain any ghee or sugar

Milk - 2.5 cups
Dates - 10 (chop it into smaller junks. Adjust to sweetness of taste and )
Mixed nuts - 2 tablespoon ( I use baked nuts)
Cardamom powder - 1/2 teaspoon


Warm 1/2 cup of milk and soak chopped dates for 1 hour. Grind to smooth paste. If you keep dates in fridge defrost it before 4-5 hours. 
Boil the milk till it reduces into 3/4th.  Add grinded  paste. Mix well. 
Let it boil for another 5 - 7 mins in low flame. And add broken baked nuts, and cardamom powder. 
Serve it cold / hot.