watermelon kiwi popsicles - Summer cooler - simple summer treats - healthy summer cooler

Do you like fruity Popsicle? then you should try this. This recipe is so easy and perfect treat for summer. This can be attractive to your young kids who is normally fussy about eating vegetable and fruits. You can try with all your favourite seasoning or fruits.


Watermelon - 4 cups chopped
Kiwi - 1 Chopped finely ( I have used golden Kiwi)
Sugar - 1 to 2 tablespoon (I didn't add because my watermelon was sweet)
Mint leaves - few


Chop the watermelon and puree it using blender / food processor. Strain to get clear juice. Keep it aside. Peel the skin and chop the kiwi fruits. Add them first into popsicle mould and add pour watermelon and drop couple of mint leaves in each mould
Freeze it for 2 hours or till it is fully set. Take out defrost it for 5 mins. Serve immediately. you show popsicle mould in warm water (not hot) for 1 or 2 mins to loosen it.
Serve immediately