Ginger Coke - Boiled coke with ginger - Simple cold remedy - Hot drink with Coke

About 10 years back when I visited China I visited the famous spa for a nice massage. They offered free flow of drinks and snacks. As I was glancing the options I was very surprised to see ginger coke. I love ginger. So I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of it. From there I make it whenever I feel like having Temp hot coke. Few months ago when I visited China again I was suffering from slight cold. They recommended me Ginger coke as remedy.. Anyway I find this is good change to regular coke and you don't like too airy drink

Coke or Pepsi or any cola drink - 2 cups
Ginger - 3-4 inch (adjust to the spice level you prefer in your drink)


Peel and grate Ginger and using hand pestal just crush it. Now pour coke in boiling container add crushed ginger. Let it boil reduce the flame and boil for another 2-3 mins. Switch it off drain the coke

Enjoy the this refreshing drink