Custard Powder Ice Cream - Eggless Ice Cream - Eggless ice cream without ice cream maker - Summer treat

My family is addicted vanilla flavoured ice cream. I wanted to try this at home for long time but most of the time I used to have store bought ice cream in the fridge. So kept postponing it. To my surprise other day when my son was looking for ice cream he couldn't find it. He wanted to go out and buy. I held him back and told him I will try to do it at home. He graciously agreed to have the ice cream next day instead. So without hesitation I tried this. This recipe is from my cousin

Low fat or full fat milk - 2 cups
Sugar - 4 tablespoon
Custard powder - 2 tablespoon
Vanilla essence - 1 teaspoon
Cream - 2 tablespoon


Mix in the custard powder, vanilla essence and 3 tablespoon of milk without any lump. Boil rest of the milk. Add custard powder and boil it till you get thick mixture ( dosa dough consistency). Switch it off. Add sugar. Mix well. Let it cool down completely.

Add Cream and whip it for a min. Pour this in freezer container and freeze it for 1 hour. Take out and Whip again. Freeze again. Do this for another 2 times.
Once done freeze it overnight or 6 hours.

Ice cream is done Enjoy it!