Thunder rice

During lunch one of the day my colleagues mentioned about Thunder rice. I was taken by the name of it. Asked them to explain the procedure. Traditional one has anchovies. I wanted to make vegetarian version of it. So I asked them whether I can make without anchovies. Answer was resounding YES. After hearing the ingredients and procedure it sounded healthier option too. When I was in the market and was talking to the shop vendor she was also mentioning that this rice is more on healthier side. I loved the taste of it. Why can't you try this rice for a change? Even though it is long list of ingredients it is worth trying


Cooked brown/white rice or rice noodles or any other carbs like buckwheat, Quinoa
Vegetables and Other Toppings
Long beans - 100g or 1/2 pack long beans, chopped into large sticks
Mushroom - 200g  (I have used button mushroom)
Turnip or Jicama - 1/2 cup (sliced into thin strips)
Tofu - 180g (cut them into 1/2 inch blocks)
Roasted peanuts - 1/2 cup
Kailan - 250 g (chopped finely)
Carrot - 4 tablespoon (grated)
Soya sauce - 1 teapoon
Salt as needed
Seaweed or Nori - 2 tablespoon (cut into strips)
olive Oil - 2.5 teaspoon
Thunder Tea Soup
basil leaves - 8g
Ginger - 25g
Sesame seeds - 1/2 tablespoon
Ginger - 2 inchs
Mint leaves - 8g
Roasted peanuts - 10g
Green tea leaves - 10g


For the vegetables and toppings
Cut the long beans and cook it in salted water. Make sure it is still crisp.  Set aside. In the same skillet, saute the kai lan leaves in 1 teaspoon of olive oil until slightly wilted, about 3-5 mins. Set aside.
In the same pan/skillet add mushroom and soya sauce. fry till they are cooked and water is fully absorbed. Add .5 teaspoon of oil and fry Jicama for 2 mins. Keep it aside. Add another 1 teaspoon of oil and shallow fry Tofu. Keep it aside. Add Carrot and fry for 1 min and keep it aside

For the tea paste
Place all the ingredients for the tea soup into a food processor and blend until a paste forms. Scrape out the paste and place into a small bowl.

Place rice of choice of carbs into a bowl, then scoop desired amounts of each topping over.
Take about 1-2 tbsp of the tea paste and place into a small bowl. Pour boiling water over to infuse for 3-5 mins.
pour the tea to rice and mix well serve hot