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Rose Milk - Simple Milk shake with rose essence - Bandung drink- bandung milk shake - Summer cooler recipe

I love Rose essence flavoured dishes.. I am big fan of rose milk. During college days that's the only milk shake I can take without making big fuss.. We used to have small shop (Petti Kadai) right around the corner of my college. They sell great rose milk. It is so cheap (2 Rs) So it is our famous hang out place during breaks esp during summer. 


Milk - 2 cup (I have used low fat)
Rose essence - 1 teaspoon ( this time I have used new brand and the color was sooo dark :-()
Sugar to taste
Rose water- 1 teaspoon
Soaked Badam pisin - 2 tablespoon (Optional)


Boil and cool the milk. Mix in Rose essence, sugar, rose water and Badam pisin.Once it is fully cool down refrigerate it for at least 2 hours. And serve cold
Beat the summer!

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  1. delicious rose milk. happy to follow u Also view my space

  2. Looks very colourful & inviting :)

  3. Colorful and refreshing drink...

  4. Rose milk looks delicious Veena Love it.

  5. Nice idea of adding badam pisin to the rose milk, I have done only jigarthanda with it..

  6. badam pisin will suit the rosemilk ma bcz naan ippadhan kelvipaduren da

  7. ufff...that drink is so refreshing

  8. My kind of drink, love that addition of badam pisin here.

  9. nice pics n tempitng colour of d milk shake.

  10. always my favorite drink... totally agree to u that some rose syrups have such dark colors hehe... love the addition of the badam pisin here...


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