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Vegetarian taco with soya granules- Easy breakfast recipe - Kids meal - snack recipe - Taco shells recipe

I brought taco shells sometime ago and it was lying in the shelf for quite sometime. During this holidays I wanted to make something with it for morning breakfast. When I opened the box I saw the masala powder and Salsa sauce with it. When I checked the sauce ingredients I kind of like it so I have decided to use it for masala powder I have used subji masala. If you want you can do home made pasta sauce or your won spices to it

Taco shells - 6
Salsa sauce - 1 cup
Bell Pepper  - 1/4 cup (I have used all colors)
Masala powder of your choice ( I have used subji masala) - 1.5 teaspoon 
Soya granules - 1 and 1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Avocado - 1 
Grated cheese of your choice - 12 teaspoons
Oil - 2 teaspoon


Remove the skin of the avocado. and slice them into thin strips. Keep it aside. Prepare soya granules by adding them into hot water. Leave it for 10 mins. Drain the water and squeeze the extra water from it. Keep it aside

Heat the pan and add oil. When it is hot add bell peppers and fry till they are soft (takes about 2 mins). Add salsa sauce and masala powder and mix well. let it boil Add cooked soya granules.Mix well and cook for another 3 mins. Switch off the flame. Heat the Taco shells as specified in the package. First stuff them with soya chunks, arrange avocado and sprinkle cheese on it. Heat it in microwave for 30 sec. 
Serve hot

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  1. Such a healthy filling, the tacos look so tempting..

  2. wow ..what an idea...healthy taco looks so delicious

  3. Healthy and filling breakfast for kids.

  4. Kids will surely love it... Will try this for my sons birthday party...

  5. Love the way you come up with new ideas Veena.Taco with soya that is such a nice one for vegetarian option.

  6. Are soya Granules same as soya chunks?Then, I must try these. I cannot get my husband to eat them at all! These look very appetizing.

  7. Healthy taco's.. Making me hungry.

  8. yummy wrap and so delicious with soya granules

  9. a really nice quick idea dear... there is a small typo in the heading, u've typed eashy instead of easy, please correct... :)

  10. Superb.healthy recipe for breakfast!

  11. this looks absolutely amazing... would love to grab it!

  12. Delicious treat Veena. Love these vegetarian tacos.

  13. wow very healthy and delicious taco there :) they are tempting me a lot !! wud love to grab one from the screen :)

  14. Soya Tacos is a brilliant idea to add some mor eprotein to your diet.. Well done girl !


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