Simple Pan Fried Tofu - Simple sidedish recipe - Simple and healthy recipes with Tofu

I love Tofu. It is a must for at least one meal per day or Snack. I have posted different type of tofu before. You can check out those as well (hot and sweet lime Tofu, Basil Tofu, Sweet and hot Sesame Tofu). Best part of making these is very healthy and perfect for any cuisine. This recipe is no exception. This recipe was given to me by one of my friend. It is crispy outside and soft inside. To get best results you have to dry the Tofu before frying them in the pan. 

Tofu - 525 gram
Soya Sauce - 2.5 tablespoon
Dark brown sugar - 2.5 teaspoon
Ginger - 3 teaspoon
Gingerly oil - 1 tablespoon (2 teaspoon for sauce and 2 for frying tofu)


Make the sauce. Mix in 2 teaspoon of oil, soy sauce, ginger and sugar mix well. Keep it aside. Cut the Tofu into medium size square. Leave them on the paper towel so extra moisture is absorbed. 

Add a teaspoon of oil in a pan and place each Tofu in the pan spread it such away that it is not touching each other. Roast it in medium low flame till it is brown. Turn it over and roast again. (each side will take about 10 mins. But it depends on the heat, Moisture in Tofu and pan so take care not to burn it)

Once all the pieces are done bring them into one side. Add the sauce and quickly mix together till all the tofu pieces are coated with sauce. 
Switch it off and enjoy.