makhana roti - Lotus Seeds roti - Lotus seeds chapathi - makhana chapathi - Makhana chapati - Healthy breakfast / dinner recipe

Now makhana seeds are the in thing at our house hold. My kids love the flavour of it. My husband love it due its nutritional value. Phool Makhana is so high in protein. In this recipe I have added silken tofu also. But if it is not available you can use normal water to make the dough. Start your day with a perfect breakfast or end it with a perfect dinner recipe!


Wheat flour - 2 cups
Makhana flour - 1 cup (Dry Roast the makhana and grind to fine powder)
Salt to taste
Silken Tofu - 1 cup
Oil for show frying


Mix everything and required water to make a soft dough (same softness as chapati dough). Keep it aside for 30 mins. Take a lemon size ball and roll out to thin chapati
Heat the flat griddle or pan. When it is hot put the rolled chapati and drizzle oil around it. Let it cook till brown spot appear. Turn it over and cook other size. 
Serve hot with your favourite side dish