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How to make coconut milk - Homemade coconut milk recipe - Thengai paal

There are certain ingredients which are integral part of Indian dishes. So making this at home is really helpful. Back home my mum makes coconut milk at home whenever she needs it. After coming to Singapore I get it fresh coconut milk from the wet market downstairs. But once in a while I do make it at home esp when didn't plan ahead. Even though we make it quite often only today I managed to take photos and post it. Better late than never right?

Grated Coconut - 2 cups
Water - 1 to 1.5 cups


I brought coconut gratings from the shop if you are preparing from coconut then break open it first. If you want you can collect the water and drink normally i throw it away. Peel the out skin to get the white gratings. You can use grater or cut the coconut in pieces an run it in mixer or blender for few seconds without water to get the gratings. 
Take mixer or blender or food processor add coconut and run it for one round.. This makes the grating smaller. Now add warm water and run the mixer again for 1 min or till fully blend. Take a strainer and strain the coconut. Use your hand to squeeze the milk out of gratings. 
If you want 2nd water you can add another cup of water and run the mixer again and take the milk same as above. Throw the coconut shreds. 

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  1. i do the same way. smells great. :)

  2. This is a very useful post for sure !

  3. Love coconut milk in veg and non recipes the box behind is forcing me to look there :))

  4. While some have given up on coconut milk, I still use it for my dishes. Great tips which is useful for me.

  5. I was wondering, if instead of throwing away the coconut water and gratings, we can make coconut chutney out of it using the fresh coconut water.

    1. yes we can my mother in law does it with coconut water I find it little sweater if the water is sweater.. but if u like that slight sweet taste you can do it

  6. Thats an very useful post :) I love using home made thenga pal a lot !!


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