How to make Paneer at home - Homemade Paneer recipe - Homemade Indian Cottage cheese

My kids love Paneer. My cousin will always make paneer at home. However I used to buy from shops. Last time when we were visiting her my kids loved the taste of paneer at her house. So I have decided to try out paneer at home. It came out pretty well. So these days I just make paneer myself. I have tried with high calcium low fat milk and full fat milk. Even though full fat milk do yield better paneer if you are healthy type you can use low fat milk.


Milk - 1 litre (for this post I have used full fat fresh milk)
Lemon Juice / vinegar / yogurt - 2 teaspoon ( I have used lemon juice)


Boil the milk and add lemon juice to it. Continue to heat it till the milk is fully curdles. When you see the whey separated completely switch it off.
Put muslin cloth or thin clean cloth on a bowl.  Transfer the curdled milk to strain paneer. Whey water will be collected in bowl underneath. Tie the cloth and Squeeze the excess water. Hang it above the sink or whey water bowl. Let it hang for 1 place the cloth underneath heavy vessel ( I kept hand pestle and dictionary) and leave it for another 3 hours. 
Slice is into desired shape and keep it in Ziplag bag and refrigerate it till you need it. Use it within 3-4 days