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How to make sprouts at home - Homemade Sprouts Recipe - Green Gram Dal sprouts recipe

My Mum does lot of dishes with sprouts. This time when I was in India I asked my mum to do few sprouts dish. I managed to take photos for some dishes some I couldn't but I have taken down the recipes.. Sprouts are high in protein. It is also quite versatile. I will post few sprouts based recipes

Green Gram Dal / dhal - 1 cup
Water enough to soak

Soak green gram in water for 8 hours (or overnight). Drain the water. And let it sit for 1 hour. Now take clean muslin cloth and put green gram in it. And tie it. Leave it in hot pack for 8 hours undisturbed. When you open after 8 hours you can see the sprouts
Green gram sprouts ready!

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  1. I love home made sprouts! These are great for a delicious salad!

  2. Lovely cliks and love the method

  3. Nice clicks and love these. healthy one to include in salads

  4. I just keep it soaked and drain the water, never tried this way. always saves money to make our own sprouts.

  5. Very perfectly made sprouts.............looks so tempting.

  6. perfect for salads & chaats...beautifully sprouted moong beans !

  7. When I was in India this method of making sprouts worked really well but here when I close the bean in tight container it just doesnot sprout but rots.Donoo why that happens.Now a days I leave it open and that is working.

    1. I had similar experience couple of time but now this works pretty well for me. Sometime it is about the quality of the dhal u get

  8. stunning clicks and so perfect sprouts :) I too love to make sprout at home :)

  9. perfectly made sprouts ..don't forget to link in recipes to ongoing event at


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