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Milk Ginger Tea / teh tarik halia / Teh Susu Halia / Ginger tea with condensed milk recipe

These days whenever we go out for lunch we love to have Teh Tarik Halia / Teh Susu Halia (Ginger tea with condensed milk) after our meals. One of the shop near our office really makes it well.  It was pouring outside. And I was so tempted to have some tea. When I started making tea I had this sudden craving for ginger tea. So I have decided to go for it. With my favourite book, hot tea and pouring outside what a feeling.. 


Water - 2 cups 
Ginger - 2 inches, chopped roughly or smashed
Tea powder - 1.5 teaspoon
 (I have used 3 roses)
Condensed milk - 2 tablespoon
sugar to taste (Optional, I didn't use it)


Put ginger, tea powder and water into a small pot, bring to a boil and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Switch it off.  
Add condensed milk and sugar to taste.
Mix well. Take a glass / another vessel. "Pull" the tea back and forth (basically pour from one cup to the other, the higher you can go, the better, until it's nice and frothy on top and a good drinking temperature.  
Serve hot in a glass

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  1. Its the all time fav from our streets. We do enjoy a cup of ginger tea for the wonderful taste. Being in neighbouring countries, I suppose we have are exposed to the same food and hot beverages.

  2. refreshing ginger tea with crunchy titbits.

  3. love that's to drink ginger tea in winter night...

  4. i've had tea with condensed milk before and i guess it's the way done in malaysia, right? the addition of ginger is fantastic... love the way the tea looks with the froth on top...

  5. ginger enhanced tea looks refreshing...

  6. Very Refreshing cup there!!! I too love tea on a rainy day!!!

  7. Adding condensed milk is nice twist..should try sometime

  8. Wow...tea using condensed milk...i have never thought of it before...superb veena

  9. Will definitely keeps me warm, comforting drink.Would love to have a sip of it.

  10. Always my favorite... Lived ur snaps...

  11. I love tea anytime.... looks refreshing.

  12. Though i am not a fan of this teh tarik, i love the presentation

  13. nice blog .. came to u r site for first time and happy to follow u .. plz check my food blog also at

  14. Love those bubbles.Looks perfect


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