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pomegranate Rose syrup Oats Milkshake recipe - Healthy breakfast shake

Love Pomegranate from childhood. When we were in school we used to have pomegranate tree at our backyard. Recently after reading about the goodness of it my office colleagues also eat it regularly. In fact a visit to Little India is must at least once a week. I wanted to try oats shake for quite sometime. This came out extremely well. This combo really cannot be missed. You must try
Pomegranate - 1 cup
Rose Syrup - 2 teaspoons (adjust to your taste)
Quick cooking oats - 1.5 tablespoon
Sugar - Optional (I didn't use as my rose syrup was sweet enough)
Milk - 2 cups ( I have used skim milk)

cook the oats adding 1/2 cup of milk in microwave for  1 mins. keep it aside to cool down.
Add cooked oats, pomegranates, rose syrup, sugar (if using), 1/2 cup of milk and grind to smooth smoothie using blender / food processor or mixie. Add rest of the milk and whip again. 
Serve chilled. It is perfect filling breakfast drink

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  1. Such a healthy and yummy drink to enjoy in breakfast...

  2. Such a healthy and a lovely drink with oats too.Amazing

  3. Very healthy BF!! love the pink colour n clicks too...

  4. can i use quaker oats, not sure if it is quik cooking oatmeal?

  5. what a healthy drink ;) super post love this innovative twist to a boring oats

  6. I prepared almost the same but with icecream sterday, will post mine soon..Such a filling shake na.

  7. super tempting and delicious the first click

  8. I would love your milkshake for breakfast. Bet my friends here would love it as well if they could order this nutritious shake in the restaurant after the gym =)

  9. gr8 idea of using cooked oats here n healthy indeed...

  10. Delicious oats milkshake with rose syrup yumm.

  11. Not only healthy, its also power packed with lots of nutrients. Great way of making an interesting shake with oats and the fruit.

  12. wat else can i ask for....this is so deicious and a great thirst quencher

  13. I tried this pomegranate juice recipe and this tastes just awesome. I recommend everyone to try this recipe they will love this recipe.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe.


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