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Mushroom Pancake

I had some left over Korean pancake flour after making corn pancake. My son wanted to try out the savory pancake with mushroom. Normally for weekend brunch. I thought it won't be bad idea. So I had fresh mushroom in the fridge. I served with normal tomato / chilli sauce.. They enjoyed it..They told me that mushroom with all purpose (maida) tasted great. They loved it.
Musrhoom (Button) - 2 cup sliced thinly
Korean Pancake - 1 cup (See notes for making korean pancake mix)
Spring onion - chopped into 1/2 inch (1 cup)
Oil / butter(bread) - as required

Mix all the ingredients in a blow. Make a dough (slightly more watery than normal pancake) by adding water
Heat the flat thawa / pan. When it is hot take laddle full of dough and spread it thinly around. Drizzle oil/butter around it. When it is cooked turn to other side and let it cook.
Once done serve it hot with your favourite sauce

If you don't have Korean pancake flour make the mix yourself
2 cups of white flour / All purpose flour
1 teaspoon of Garlic powder
1 teaspoon of onion powder
1 cup of Rice flour
3/4 baking powder teaspoon
Salt to taste
Mix all the above ingredients together
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  1. New recipe to me :) looks inviting too

  2. Just love a spicy chilly sauce to have with this pancake.

  3. tasty and time saving weekend brunch recipe!

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  5. omg wat a creative idea to use mushroom in pancake....must try out sometime..

  6. Looks really yummy and interesting....

  7. Healthy pancakes

  8. Lovely pancake.

  9. interesting n love the slices :-)


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