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Kai Murukku

My mum does kai muruku every time we visit her this time no exception. Normally she prepare snack before we land there for kids to enjoy from day one. This time I have requested her to wait for kai murukku because I want to learn of course to take pictures.. But she couldn't wait. I insisted to do one more time before I leave so that I can pack. So she did it again and I managed to capture step by step picture


Idly rice – 1 KG
Red Chillies – 5-7 (per your spice level)
Asafotedia – 5 g
Salt Per taste
Urad dhal powder – 200 g (Dry roast it till slight brown and powder it in mixie. I had urad dhal powder so used that)
Butter – 50 g
White Sesame seeds – 2 tablespoon
Oil for deep frying

Soak the rice for 4-6 hours. Grind the Rice with red chillies with little water as possible
Add Urad Dhal powder, sesame seeds, Salt, asofetida and room temperature butter. Mix well and make a dough. Good enough to make the shape. Take small ball and make twists/murukkus on a cloth.When you do the murukku shape if the dough is not smooth then mix little more butter. Watch the viedo on how to make the muruku
Make sure you make enough murukku before start frying it as it will take some time to make

Heat the oil in the broader kada. When the oil is hot put the pre made murukku. You can add few at a time depends on the space in the oil (kada) make sure it is not touching another. Should have enough space so that it can get cooked evenly.
Cook it in medium flame. Flip the murukku after it floats to top. Fry till it is brown in color and  the shhhh…sound subsides. Drain the oil an take it out put it on the tissue paper / oil dripper.
Store it in air tight container and enjoy this crispy snack

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  1. asathal deepavali snack... crunchy snack to relish and my favorite too...

  2. Wow looks so crunchy and delicious, hats off to ur mom, wish I could grab them right now, I love kai murukku....

  3. Crispy murukku.diwali dishes are started.enjoyyyyyyyy

  4. ur mom has made it really well... awesome

  5. awesome + I loved the filter coffee idea

  6. wow ,looks so awesome.wish i could learn the trick too.nice snack

  7. it an art to make this murukku,ur mom made it well n well explained with stepwise pictures...

  8. Those murukku look perfect..awesome !!

  9. Wow such a nice post... Thanks for posting the video... I am waiting for this kind of recipe for a long time... Btw can I use store bought rice flour n Urdu flour for making this???

    1. yes you can but need more butter. The dough has to be soft and smooth so that you can get the shape

  10. Wow! They look super perfect and beautiful.. Love your pics and video and of course the murukku's Veena :-)

  11. wow im so amazed of the kai muruku....i dont hv that much patience to make lovely

  12. Perfectly done, looks delicious and crunchy.

  13. omg so perfectly shaped and made kai murkku :) looks fabulous and delicious :)

  14. My mom makes these murukku prefectly, making this murukku is an art, everyone cant do them this much prefectly..

  15. So perfect shape and design ! must be a tiring task to keep the same pressure and move the hands.. hats off !

  16. Murukku's are really crunchy snack...I have seen kai murukku in half white color,this is the first time am seeing a colored murukku....Good post

  17. looks good it looks like a Jalebi !


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