Strawberry, cranberries and chia seeds smoothie

I am on protein mania. After my son joined canoeing it is mandatory for him to have some protein rich food at least once a day esp on the day of his training. Chia seeds is something which is pretty plain in taste and very high in protein, low in fat and sodium. So I do include them in shake. If you are vegetarian and looking for quick way to make protein rich meal try with chia seeds

Strawberry - 10-15 (medium size)
No fat greek yogurt - 1 cup
Chia seeds - 1 tablespoon
Cranberries - 1 tablespoon (I have used dried one)
Sugar / honey - 2 teaspoon (optional. Since I have used dried cranberries & my strawberries were sweet i didn't add sugar)

Remove the green stems from strawberries. Slice then into 4 pieces. Combine strawberry, cranberries, yougurt, 1/2 tablepsoon of chia seeds. Using food processor or blender make smooth paste. Add rest of the chia seeds 
Serve chillied