Dulce de leche - Pressure cooker method

I Love toffee / caramel taste. I tried Dulce de leche this very long time ago.  I loved the taste of it. After seeing the process of making it for some reason I was very hesitant.. May be the time / method not sure which one is reason. I was looking for it in SG and recently when I was in US I tried to get. But couldn't find.  So I have decided to try out. Actually in the process of making it I realized that it is not that difficult at all. Sometimes it is just the fear or hesitation you need overcome.
Condensed Milk - 1 tin (New one not opened)


Remove the plastic cover if any (Don't open the Aluminium lid)
Fill the Pressure cooker with water. Fill till 1/2 of the can is covered. Switch on the flame. Close the lid of pressure cooker. When the steam comes out put the weight. After first whistle reduce the flame to low flame and it cook for another 40 mins. Switch it off
Let it cool down completely and open the lid. Yes it is done!
So simple right? Enjoy the Dulce de leche