Water chestnut barley drink - Barley Water Chestnut Drink

I Love drinks which has its own health benefits. Last week during my weekly vegetable shopping I saw the very thin sugar cane. I asked the shop owner on the usage of it. She was talking about using it in Barley drink. She went on to give the recipe for Barley Water Chestnut Drink. She was recommending me to try as it is very tasty and good for health. In fact some of ingredients she gave it for free (I am very regular with her and she knows me pretty well for years). Drink is very refreshing

Sugar Cane - 400g sugar cane / bamboo cane (chopped to shorter lengths to fit cooking pot)
Pearl Barley - 2 tablespoon
Water chestnut - about 8 pieces
Water - 9 cups
Rock Sugar / Brown Sugar - 1/4 Cup (Optional. Adjust to your taste. I have used brown sugar of 3 tablespoon)
Pandan leaves - 3 leaves 


Smash the Sugar cane to release the sweetness and flavour. Soak the water chestnut in the water for 2 hours and scrub to remove the mud / dirt. Remove the skin using knife. Take the pandan leaves and tie knot. Throw everything in a pot and boil it for 1 hour. Drain the water.
Enjoy the refreshing drink. I normally discard the Sugar cane and pandan leaves.Barley and water chestnut can be eaten