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Sweet Sevai / Idiyappam

I had about 1 cup left over sevai. Which is not good enough for making any flavoured upma or sevai. I didn't have any side dish to go with. So was wondering what to do with it. I remembered a sweet snack I had at my friends place with rice sevai. I have decided to give it a try. Since it is sweet 1 cup is good enough to give it a try. It tasted great and pretty much everyone loved it
Idiyappam / rice sevai / rice noodle (cooked) - 1 cup ( cut into smaller strings)
Jaggery - 1.5 tablespoon (adjust to your sweetness)
Salt a pinch
Coconut - 2 tablespoon
Cardamom powder - 1 pinch


Grate the jaggery and add 2 tablespoon of water. Melt the jaggery in low flame. When it is melted strain it to remove the dirt. Return the jaggery to low flame add coconut, salt and mix well. Stir it for another 1 min. 
Add rice sevai and mix well. Add cardamom and mix well. 
Switch it off and serve hot / cold

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  1. Love the addition of jaggery,looks very nice!!

  2. Loved the sweet version of sevai...real temptinng.

  3. nvr heard of this sweeet sevai... just love it...

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  4. My mom makes this when she makes sevai. nice one

  5. my fav sweet breakfast dish...Looks really tempting !!!

  6. Delicious sweet sevai. wonderful idea.

  7. fav, sevai looks too delicious...

  8. never thought of trying idiyappam sevai in this way, will try it for sure, pics look tempting

  9. sweet idiyappams looks so delicious !

  10. Looks so yummy, easy to make too !!

  11. Great recipe...Really delicious ....


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