Vegan Basil Tofu

This is yet another simple Tofu dish. I normally order this whenever I visit any Thai restaurant. I was not sure whether my kids will like the flavour of basil. But some time ago I managed to do it at home. Like any other Tofu dish this also disappeared very fast. For first few times I never got chance to do the click. This time I managed to take the pictures. This is very simple and healthy.
Tofu - 2 cups (Cubed)
Sugar - 1.5 tablespoon
Ginger / garlic paste - 1 tablespoon
Green chillies - 2 (finely chopped)
Vinegar - 1 teaspoon
Soya sauce - 2 teaspoon
Basil Leaves - handful
Salt per taste
Oil - 1.5 tablespoon


Cube the Tofu and put salt and mix it well. Keep it aside for 15 mins
Heat the kada. Add Sugar, ginger garlic paste, green chillies,vinegar and soya sauce. Mix well. When the sugar melted add Tofu cubes and fry till the sides are browned
Add Basil Leaves and fry till the leaves begins to shrink or begins to wilt. 
Serve hot