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Creamy Spinach Pasta / Macaroni

My kids are addicted to pastas. However doing Pasta I find it very easy. Even though they love any type they are particularly has soft corner for creamy type. So I do it normally do it once a month since it is high calorie food. Our whole family has been big fan of Italy cuisine. I have used double cream in this recipe just because I had some left over. You can use normal cream. Indulge this creamy pasta if you are big fan of pasta dishes

Pasta / macaroni- 2 cups
Milk - 1 1/2 cups ( I have used low fat)
Baby Spinach - 200 g
Butter / Oil  - 2.5 tablespoon
All Purpose Flour/Maida - 2 tbsp (leveled)
Garlic - 2 cloves (grated or finely chopped)

Onion - 1 (finely chopped)
Black Pepper Powder - 1 teaspoon (adjust to your spice level)
Italian seasoning - 1/2 teaspoon

Salt per taste
Red chilli flakes - 1 to 2 teaspoon (I have used 2 teaspoon. Adjust to the spice level)
Double cream / cream - 1 cup


Cook the pasta / macaroni per instruction on the cover. Keep it aside
Preparing Bechamel (white) Sauce:  Heat 1 tablespoon of butter / oil  in a thick bottom pan.  Add all purpose flour to the melted butter.  Stir until the color changes to golden brown and turns aromatic.   It takes about 1 to 1.5 mins in medium low fire. Add milk gradually while adding milk mix the flour well. bring it boil. Add black pepper, Italian seasoning, Salt and Red chilli flake. Mix well. Let it boil. Add double cream / cream and mix well. Simmer it.
Heat the another non stick kada. Add rest of oil. When it is hot add grated Garlic and fry till it is brown. Add onion fry till onion is cooked. Add spinach and salt. Cook the spinach. Once it is cooked add in the white sauce and mix it well. Add black pepper, Italian seasoning, Salt and Red chilli flake. Mix well. Let it boil. Add in cooked pasta/ macaroni. Mix well. 
Serve hot

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  1. this is really melting attempt and no doubt kids will finish it up as soon it placed...

  2. like this creamy pasta veena.. and also like the addition of spinach..

  3. I dont bother to finish that whole plate,droolworthy pasta.

  4. Looks yummy n tempting:)n nice clicks.

  5. wow...liked the addition of spinach in creamy pasta...sounds so delicious.

  6. quick and easy recipe..perfectly done..

  7. Love pasta.. Looks creamy and delicious..

  8. Yum! This looks like a perfect comfort food. :)

  9. This looks delicious, but it did not turn out to be good. It was very spicy (to the point of my family not being able to eat it), and I only used one teaspoon of red chili flakes. It had little taste except for the seasoning (which was not that great). I do not recommend this recipe, but if you are determined to make it, add one cup of cheddar cheese (it was the only thing I had on hand) at the end.

    1. Thanks Hannah for ur honest feedback. This is the exact measurement I hv used to make it as our family doesn't like pretty blend. It depends on the brand of chilli flakes you are using. I have done this recipe many times all the time it came out pretty well. In this recipe as you hv noticed I have used double cream also not sure whether u hv used normal or double. Thanks again for ur feedback

  10. I just made this, although I made a few altercations. I skipped out on the red chili flakes as I do not take well to heat, at all, haha. I also added finely grated pecorino romano cheese (maybe about half a cup) after I put the milk in, which allowed it to thicken up so much that I didn't even need the heavy cream! I guess I basically made it into an alfredo sauce, haha. I also cut up some grape tomatoes into fourths and sauteed them with the onions and spinach. In the end it came out absolutely amazing. And I mean amazing. Thanks so much!


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