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Cream of Mushroom Soup

In My last trip China I had mushroom soup in the hotel restaurant few times. I loved the taste of it. My kids love mushroom. When I brought mushroom I thought of soup that I had in the restaurant. I was guessing the ingredients in it. I wanted it to give it a try. Kids loved every bit of it. They came back for more servings :-). It is really delicious.

Mushroom - 400 Gram (200g white button, 200g brown swiss button)
Onion - 1 
Garlic - 5-7
Butter - 1 tablepoon
Pepper powder - 2 teaspoon (adjust to your taste)
Salt per taste
Milk - 2 Cup
Water / Vegetable stock - 4 cup
worcestershire sauce - 1 teaspoon
Fresh cooking cream - 1/2 cup ( I have used Pauls light cooking cream)
coriander leaves - 1/2 tablespoon for garnishing

Wash and reserve 4 mushroom for garnishing. Slice then thinly. Cut rest of mushroom 1/2 inc cube. Chop onion and garlic finely. Heat kada with 1/4 tablespoon of butter and fry mushroom that was reserved for garnishing. Keep it aside
Mix in Cornflour and sauce and keep it aside
Heat kada and add 3/4 tablespoon of butter. Add garlic and fry till it is crisp and slight brown color. Add onion and bit of salt and fry till onion is cooked or in slight brown color. Add 1/2 cube musroom and fry till mushroom is cooked. Switch off and let it cool down.

Make coarse paste using blender / mixier or food processor. Heat the kada add mushroom paste and water or vegetable stock. Add salt to taste (remember we have added salt when frying onion so taste first and add required salt). Let it boil. When it start to boil add milk and cream. Mix well. Let it boil. Add Pepper powder and let it boil for another 30 sec. 
Add Coriander leaves and serve hot

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  1. Wholesome soup Veena.. Looks creamy and healthy dear :-)

  2. love it with some garlic bread...yummy

  3. Wow so creamy n yummy.. But what is Worcestershire sauce.. Any replacement for it???

  4. Healthy and delicious soup.

  5. wow..looks so yummy and inviting..nice one dear.

  6. Looks soooooo creamy and yummy !

  7. Looks yummy and creamy! I think once we have the soup we need no main course at all. Such a rich soup!! Worcestershire sauce addition is brand new!!


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