Baby bok choy Garlic Stir Fry

My kids are big fan of Greens. I normally do the greens with either Indian leafy vegetables or other green vegetables you get in Indian Style. My sons were requesting for Chinese way of simple stir fry. I wanted to try out with Bok Choy. It came extremely well and no need to say it is loved by kids

Baby bok Choy - 1 pocket ( about 10 pieces)
Garlic - 1.5 tablespoon (finely chopped)
Small Onion (shallots) - 1 tablespoon finely chopped
Red chillies - 3 (break into 2) adjust to taste
Baked Cashew - 1 teaspoon (optional)
Soy sauce - 1 teaspoon
Salt per taste
Oil - .5 teaspoon

Heat the kada with oil. When it is hot fry garlic till it is brown. Add chopped onion and fry till it is cooked or soft (add bit of salt so that onion gets cooked fast). Add broken red chillies fry for 20 sec
Add Bok choy, Salt and fry for another 2 mins or till it is cooked. Add Soy sauce. And mix well
Serve hot and garnish with cashew if you are using it