split pea dhal vada

My sis always does vada with split pea. My mum loves it as it is very crispy. However I never got to try. I also thought split pea is same as bengal gram dhal. And used to wonder why it is not that crispy as they claim. In the end I figured out both are different and this time when I visited my sis packed me couple of pockets. I managed to try out this weekend. It turned out to be very tasty and crunchy tea time snack. Everyone at home loved it

Split Pea dhal - 1.5 cup
Dry Red chillies - 6-7
Curry leaves - Finely chopped 1 tablespoon
Salt per taste
Asafetida - pinch
Oil for deep frying

Wash and soak the Dhal for at least 6 hours ( I have soaked it for overnight)
Drain the water and let it dry down for another 15 mins
Soak Red chillies for 30 mins. Grind it first. Keep 1/2 cup dhal aside. Add rest of dhal, salt and asafetida and grind to coarse paste. Add in left over dhal and curry leaves and mix it well.
Heat the oil in the kada. When the oil is hot take a small lemon size paste and flatten it using your finger and slowly drop it in the oil. Let it cook till the side turn brown turn to other side and cook till the "Shhh" sound subside. Drain the oil well and put it in tissue paper. Let the excess oil drain. 
Serve hot with sauce or chutney.