Dosa / idli batter Bonda

My mum use to make this bonda during college days. I never tried on my own before. It has been in my list for quite sometime. Other day I made fresh Dosa/idli batter and it was pouring outside. Kids wanted some snack for the tea time. So I decide to use Dosa/idli batter bonda. Kids enjoyed it. It is simple after school snack for the kids


Dosa/idli batter - 1 cup (fresh not fermented)
Cumin seeds - 1 teaspoon
Curry leaves -10 to 15
Salt per taste
Rice flour - 1 tablespoon
Oil for deep frying

Mix all the ingredients together and make the bonda batter (it will be like vada batter. In a consistency that you can drop it in the oil)
Head the deep curved kada and oil. When the oil is hot drop the spoonful batter and let it cook well. When it is fully cooked (when the "shhhh"sounds subsides) take it out by draining excess oil. Put it in tissue paper to drain the extra oil from it. 
Serve hot with sambar or chutney or sauce