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Onion Paratha / Spring Onion pancake

My son loves anything with plain flour. Most of the time I do roti / Parotta. These days we are crazy about baby corn and spring onion etc.. So I have decided to try Spring Onion Pancake (Onion Paratha) instead of normal roti. My family loved it. It is definitely much easier than doing paratha / parotta... It is so easy to match side dish for this also

All Purpose flour (Maida) - 3 cups
Butter - 2 tablespoon (melt it in microwave)
Sugar - 1 tablespoon (optional)
Salt per taste
Oil  for applying when rolling out and for cooking (approximately 3 tablespoon for 11 pieces)
Spring onion / scallions - 1 cup finely chopped (wash and dry out first before chopping)
Take the flour, Sugar in broader vessel and rub the melted butter with the flour.
Add water and make it to the dough (similar to how u do it for roti / chappathi / neither hard nor watery). Keep it for 30 - 40 mins. Divide the dough equally into 11 balls
Roll out to nice thin round shape. Dust it with flour if required. Spread 3-4 drops of oil on it. Sprinkle finely chopped spring onion. Roll it as shown in the pic.
Sprinkle finely chopped spring onion. Roll it as shown in the pic.

Heat the flat thawa in medium flame. Put the rolled out pancake/paratha appy oil around it and on it. (I have used 1/4 teaspoon per paratha/pancake) and turn it over to other side and cook till brown spot appear. Serve hot
I served with vegetable kuruma
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  1. paratha looks so soft n lovely white colour!!

  2. beautiful presentation.. like the green paratha..

  3. Bookmarked this dear, looks so good..

  4. Very delicious recipe.. looks awesome !!

  5. perfect n super inviting clicks...

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  7. These scallion pancakes are my fav,love it and drooling here.

  8. deliciously done looks wonderful

  9. yummy onion paratha...nice crisp layer with green filling....

  10. New recipe to me. looks yummy..

  11. Perfectly done paratha...

  12. Interesting and yummy .

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  13. Interesting and yummy .

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  16. Totally yum...I love anything with plain flour as well!

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