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Spinach Garlic with Sesame Seeds

I love Spinach. In fact all forms of green vegetables. Kids love it too. I had bag of baby spinach in the fridge. I wanted to try something similar to Spinach sesame salad but hot. So decided to spice of up with Garlic. This is very similar to the Chinese version of Spinach salad with Sesame seeds.


Sesame Oil -1 tablespoon
Garlic - 5 pods (I love garlicky taste.. If you want reduce it)
Roasted Sesame seeds - 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste (You need little salt only. I hv used only less than 1/4 teaspoon)
Soy Sauce - 2 tablespoon
Spinach - 200 g
Sugar - 1 teaspoon (Optional)


How to roast Sesame seeds
Heat the kada and raw sesame seeds and stir it with wooden spoon. Fry till popping sound comes. It is ready now. Switch it off and keep it aside till you need it
Heat the oil in the same kada and add sesame oil. When it is hot add garlic and fry till it is slight brown in color. Add Spinach and cook it (no need to close the lid) Stir it regularly. Add in Soy Sauce, salt, sugar and mix well cook for another 1 min. Add in Roasted Sesame seeds and mix well. 
Switch it off and serve hot

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  1. I love my spinach cook this way too.

  2. nice clicks:)yummy and healthy salad:)

  3. The recipe is wonderful, so are the pictures.

  4. I too love garlic stir-fried spinach!

  5. never tried til with spinach.. interesting one..

  6. My mom used to stir fry spinach with garlic but with sesame ans soya sauce is new to me...sounds interesting..will try it next time for sure...

  7. Love the taste of healthy n yummy....

  8. I love spinach and this is a healthy stir fry... yum

  9. Healthy recipe...All time favorite!!!

  10. For me spinach and garlic always goes together. But adding soy sauce and sesame seeds are new to me.. Interesting and healthy.

  11. Soy sauce in Spinach sounds interesting, would go great with sambar sadham

  12. Looks wonderful and healthy too :)

  13. Super easy and healthy dish, love the addition of sesame seeds in it...

  14. Garlic and Sesame - flavours to look out for

  15. Quite a healthy and interesting dish with spinach

  16. Potato, Spinach Garlic with Sesame Seeds. sesame seeds


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