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Raw Banana Chips

I love home made raw banana chips. My mum house has Nendrakai plantain tree. When I visited her this time we had raw banana in the tree. My mum was waiting for me so that she can make this chips. My kids love the chips too. We can spice the chips the way you like. I did Pepper and Red chillies. Both came out well.. It is addictive.

Raw Banana - 5
Oil to deep fry
For Pepper 

Pepper powder  per your spice level (I have used 2 tablespoon for approximately 4 cup of fried chips)
Sat per taste
Mix the salt and pepper powder well and keep it aside

For chilli 

Red chilli powder - 2 tablespoon for approx 4 cups of fried chips
Salt per taste
Mix the salt and Chilli powder well and keep it aside


Peel the skin of Raw banana
Heat the oil in the kada. When the oil is hot using slicer slice the banana directly to the oil. Make sure you leave enough space for each slice to get cook (it should overlay each other).Turn over other side so that it gets cooked evenly. You need turn couple of times. Take out when "shhh" sould subside. Drain the oil completely. Place it on tissue paper or oil drainer. Repeat the process
Divide the chips into two batch. Transfer the 1st batch of fried chips in broader vessel sprinkle pepper powder and salt mix. Shake well so that the spice is coated evenly on all the chips
Take the 2nd patch and add the chilli powder and salt mix. Shake well so that the spice is coated evenly on all the chips

Enjoy it anytime

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  1. Looks very perfect just like store made.Beautifully done Veena.I love nedharanga chips. Happy valentine day dear.

  2. Love these chips so much looks so crispy and good :) Well made dear!

  3. My fav chips....made this last week....

  4. When I was kid I was not a fan of this chips.. But made recently at home and fell in love with it.. As Janani said, yours looks as perfect as the as the one from stores..

  5. Hi, this is addictive and irresistible snacks. Yours look so thinly slice and well done.
    YUM YUM, wish I can have some now.

    Happy valentine's day to you.

  6. OMG! what a stunning pic! Drooling here...Happy valentines day to you!!

  7. I love banana chips! You've made them perfectly!! Lovely pics! :)


  8. slurrrrrrrrrrrrrp lovely crispy banana chips which r my hot favourite.

  9. Perfectly done dear, even I do it the same way, but never added pepper to it, shud try..

  10. Delicious banana chips, I make slightly different. Your mom's version looks nice,.

  11. yummy chips :) my fav and looks so so good... Happy Valentines Day :)

  12. My fav, you wont trust me i hate potato chips to the core obviously this raw banana chips are my most favourite. Happy valentine's day Veena.

  13. Wow yummy chips.
    Happy Valentine Day.

  14. First time here, chips looke yum and crunchy.
    Following you from now on, visit my plca sometime. :)

  15. wow....super favorite.......

  16. of course banana chips are addictive...but if u add spice mix sure it will be vanishing in minutes. nice clicks dear..

  17. most fav:)finish in minutes:)crispy:)

  18. I love them for my curd rice. crunchy chips


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