Milk (Paal) Pongal (rice)

Pongal used to be an elaborate festival for us during our childhood with visit to my grandma place. Normally it filled with lot of activities for 4 days. In my early childhood I get new clothes only during deepavali and pongal. It has been years since I have been in India for pongal. It became simple prayer with pongal these days. Normally i do ven pongal and sakarai pongal. This time I wanted to try out Paal Pongal that my grandma normally does on pongal day

Raw rice- newly harvested ( absorbs lesser amount of milk and gets mashed easily) - 2 cups
Milk- 4 Cups
Water - 4 Cups
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Extra Milk if required

Method : 

Wash rice and drain. Take a big vessel (it should have enough space for milk to boil). Transfer rice, Milk and water. In low flame cook it till rice is fully cooked. If you are using pressure cooker pour the water in the pressure cooker. Put small plate in the rice mixture and cook it by keep the vessel with the rice in the pressure cooker without closing the vessel you keep the rice. Make sure you use the low flame. Milk should not come out of the weight when there is whistle. Need to cook till 5-6 whistle
If you are cooking in direct flame till the rice is completely cooked and rice is fully mashed up. If the rice is too thick you can boil more milk and add it to the rice

Once done add the salt and mix well. Serve hot with your favourite side dish