Agar Agar Milk Pudding with Chia Seeds - A guest post for Sri of love2cook-malaysia

This is my first guest post. I am so excited for the opportunity given and happy that Sri of love2cook-malaysia had trust in me to do this post for her. When she announced her event I was so excited and wrote to her. She readily accepted my post. I love Sri's every post they way she present her post & photos. 
I have used Agar Agar long time ago ( I couldn't even remember whether that was successful or failed attempt) After seeing yummy and beautiful dishes in many other blogs I decided try it out something basic and interesting recipe-milk pudding. Who say dieters cannot enjoy dessert?

Agar Agar  - 8 gram
Milk - 600ml ( I have used low fat)
Water - 250ml
Sugar - 20gram- 80gram ( I have used only 20 grams)
Vanilla extract - 1 teaspoon
Chia seeds - 2 tablespoons


1. Soak Agar Agar for at least 30 mins in the water.  Cook over low heat until the agar agar powder completely dissolved.

2. Boil Milk separately stirring in between. Add Sugar, vanila extract. Mix well. Add this milk to cooked agar agar. Mix well. Add chia Seeds mix it well.  Remove from heat. Spoon the agar agar mixture into the empty sections of the moulds.

3. Let it cool completely in the fridge before serving.