Vegetable Broth (Vegetable Stock)

Vegetable stock / Broth are used in making lot of soup, Rice recipes. I don't prefer to make it ahead and store it  in the fridge and use it in the recipe which is calling for it. So end up not making it for very long time. Today I had urge to try out the Tom Yam Soup and it taste good if I do it with vegetable broth. And I just finished with my weekly vegetable shopping and had all the vegetable and ingredients needed fresh. So here you go.My Husband told me the soup tasted much better than normal one (normally I just use the water :-) lazy)


Onion: 2
Garlic: 20 Pods
Cabbage: 300 g
Carrot: 1
Beans: 10 Pieces
Cauliflower: handful
Pepper - 20-25 (In whole)
Water: 10 Cups
Ginger: 2 Inch Pieces
Oil - 2 teaspoon
Bay Leaves - 1
Coriander and Parsley leaves - 1/4 cup
Salt per taste

Wash the vegetables and chop them into big chunks.Peel the onion and chopped into big chunksPeel the skin of the garlic and ginger Cut them into big chunks also
In a heavy bottomed wide vessel, add oil and add Garlic, Onion, Bay Leaves and Ginger. Saute them in medium flame for 2 minutes.

Now add all the veggies and mix well. Now add the water, whole black pepper, Parsley and Coriander leaves to this. Reduce flame and let it boil for 45 mins to 1 hour

Switch it off and let it cool down. Once cools done using strainer strain the water (vegetable stock) and use it. Discard the vegetables (after you strain the water nothing left in the water)

If you have excess stock store it in the fridge in the air tight bottle (freeze it) or make it ice cubes maker and use it when needed. When you thaw it use it completely. Don't refreeze it. Use it with in a week to enjoy the goodness of it.