Tom Yam Soup (Vegetarian)

I love Tom Yam Soup. And all the spices used in that. However in most places we don't get vegetarian as it has fish sauce. I realized that in hard way. In the past when I go to one of the restaurant in little India I have this soup without fail thinking I am having vegetarian (even though I suspect something fishy first time I triple confirmed with the server they swear it is vegetarian). One day I packed home for my son and when I got out of cab all cats around the area was chasing me and pouncing on me :-) Once I leave the soup on the floor to pick up other things all of the went near the soup box ( in the end that soup served to cat :-)). Later When I went back to the restaurant I asked whether you have used any sauce in the soup they confirmed they have used fish sauce. From that time on wards whenever I visit Thai restaurants or having Thai food I specifically ask for all the ingredients in it so that I can be sure I am eating vegetarian. From that time most of the time I make soup at home whenever we feel like having it...


Oil - teaspoon
Garlic - 6 Pods (finely chopped)
Ginger or Galangal - 1/2 inc pieces of 4 ( Later you need discard it)
Chillies (I have sued Red) you acn use Thai chillies - 4 (adjust it to your spice level)
Lemon gross - 2 Stalks peeled and chopped into 4 inch pieces and crush it with hand pestal
Lime Leaves - 4
Chilli Sauce - 1 tablespoon (adjust to your spice)
Soya Sauce - 3 teaspoon
Pam Sugar - grated 1 tablespoon (optional) My colluege swear this gives flavour and taste and it is must. Since I don't have it I didn't add
Lime Juice - 2 tablespoon or Tomato - 2 Cut into big cubes
Cubed Extra firm tofu - 3/4 Cup
Carrot, Mushroom, Cauliflower, Baby corn - 4 Cups (You can use Green Vegetables, Broccoli if you prefer)
Spring Onion - Sliced - 1/2 Cup
Coriander leaves - for Garnishing


1. In a large stock pot, heat the vegetable oil over medium-high heat. Shallow fry Tofu till is light brown. Keep it aside
2. In the same stock pot add 2 cups of water and throw in Garlic, ginger, chillies, lemongrass stalks, and lime leaves. When it start to boil add vegetable stock. Bring it to boil. Add all the vegetables and let it boil. When it boiling add Sauces, if you are adding add sugar at this stage and stir it well. Add salt after checking for it (Since vegetable stock already has it check first). Add fried tofu . Reduce the flame and boil it for another 7-10 mins. Add cut spring onions



3. Using a slotted spoon, remove the lemongrass stalks and kaffir lime leaves.  Garnish with fresh Coriander leaves and an extra few drops of chili paste if desired.

Enjoy it hot