Oats Puttu (steamed Oats for breakfast)

A colleague / Friend of mine who is from Kerala brings different type of puttu for lunch. We always try his tasty food. He normally brings oats puttu. It tastes heaven. I got recipe from him and tried at home it was not even close. Also I don't have traditional puttu maker. So I have requested him to do the guest post.. He readily agreed to do. Thanks Rakesh for doing this.

Equipment required
Puttu Maker or generally called as PUTTUKUTTI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puttu). Puttu kutti has a base, a barrel , a cap and a grill.  Base is used for boiling the water and generating steam. Grill is placed inside the barrel and Puttu mixture is stacked over the grill and covered with the cap. The Barrel is placed on the base and cooking is done.
Don't worry if you don't have traditional puttu maker Use at the bottom for the alternate option

One cup of Puttu Flour  (rice Flour)
One cup of Quick oats
Half cup of Rolled Oats (Optional)
Half cup of grated Nuts (Optional, not used in my recipe)
1 cup of coconut


Pour all the Oats and rice flour into a big bowl. Add one teaspoon  of salt. Sprinkle water and mix the contents 
Continue sprinkling water and mix till the contents till the mix is wet and became rough as shown in the picture 
Fill the base with 50% of water and put on the stove to boil the water. You may boil eggs in the base to conserve energy.
Sprinkle a table spoon of coconut inside the barrel and then stack with one handful of oats mix  then with a tablespoon of coconut and continue till the top level. Complete the stack with one last layer of coconut and place the cap of the barrel . Put this on the fire and let it boil for 10-15 mins or till it is cooked

Push the Puttu (stack) out o the barrel by pushing the grill from behind uing a stick o Chapathi roller
Oats Puttu is ready. Remove the grill and put in back in barrel for next usage. 

Serve with simple steamed banana or green gram dhal

Alternate Option

If you do not have a PUTTUKUTTI, not to worry, you may use a Microwave steamer and prepare the Puttu.