Peanut (Ground Nut) Balls (Kadalai Urundai)

I am big fan of peanut ( I am addicted.. cannot stop eating.. only way to stop is don't have it at home or near me :-)). Our whole family loves Peanut Chikki. This will definitely in my list whenever I go to India. We used get this in the Indian shop near my house.. These days I don't get it anymore. So decided to give it a try

Groundnut - 2 cups
Jaggery - 3/4 cups

Water - Just enough to melt the Jaggery
1.Dry roast the groundnut in  a heavy bottomed pan till it good aroma arises. Rub the groundnuts well with your palm to remove the skin. Remove the skin completely.

2 .In a pan, add jaggery and water and allow the jaggery to dissolve. When the jaggery gets dissolved, strain the jaggery juice to remove sand particles. Again add the strained jaggery juice in the pan and allow it to boil in low flame till it becomes stone consistency( When a drop of jaggery juice is added to water, it should not dissolve, rather we should be able to rotate it to a ball

3.Remove the syrup from the stove. Mix the groundnut with the syrup.
4. Allow to cool till it you can hold it in your hand. You can wet your hand or use little rice flour to shape it into balls