Palkova / Koya / Theratipal

Today's post is a Milk sweet which is called as Paalkova / Thertipal.  My sister thought me how to make it in microwave however I forgot to notedown. After that I tried to do couple of times but ended up as smooth paste rather than grainy one. I saw this post from Jeyashri's Kitchen  and realized what I was missing, Yogurt. However I normally use Low fat condensed milk. So some of the steps will be slightly different. This sweet is so easy and you can do it to treat your surprise visitors also. Even bachelors can do to impress their loved one. I did this when My in laws were visiting me, they were so surprised by the taste of it. And said this is so easy compared to traditional way of how making it which will give good exercise for your hand and take hours to make it


Fat free Condensed milk - 1 tin
Low fat yogurt - 3 tbsp ( Don't use sour yogurt)
Ghee - 1 teaspoon
Pistachio - few pods

Method :

Apply Ghee in microwave bowl. Take bigger and deeper bowl

Pour the Condensed milk in the microwaveable bowl. Add Yogurt and mix it
Microwave for 6 minutes , stirring once every 30 Sec. If you need it you may do another 2 - 3 mins. Mine got done in 6 mins. Take it out when you get below consistency

Since we are using low fat condensed milk, the sweet will be little bit loose.Now drain them in the strainer, let it sit for 5 minutes, stir it.

Garnish with Nuts. Serve warm or Cold. I love it to apply on toasted bread.