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Curd Rice - yogurt rice - Rice recipes

I need some additional flavour to eat curd. Plain curd is not an option me. So before marriage my mum used to spice up the butter milk for me. After my marriage my laziness settled in ..So whenever someone visit me I make curd rice with cucumber, grapes, ginger, chillies, curry leaves etc.. Those are the days I get to eat my curd rice.. However after my kids they prefer plain curd rice so making my own curd rice became luxury. My in laws were visiting me and I told my kids they like with all the spices in and they agreed to give it a try again. Their taste bud has changed now and they like this version of curd rice also... so now I can have my curd rice more often. Hurray !!!


Raw rice - 1 cup 
Curd / Plain yogurt - 2 tablespoon
Milk -  2 to 21/2 cup (I have used low fat milk)
Cucumber - 3 tablespoon Grated finely
Grapes (seedless) - 3 tablespoon (we get champagne grapes these days I have used that if not you can use normal seedless grapes)
Curry leaves - 2 tablespoon finely chopped
Ginger - 1 teaspoon finely chopped
Green chillies - 1 finely chopped or more millagai (Chillies soaked and dried in butter milk) - 4-5 (I hv used More millagai)
Salt per taste
Asafoetida - a pinch
Oil  - 2 teaspoon
Urad Dhal - 1 teaspoon
Bengal gram dhal - 1 teaspoon
Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon


Wash the rice well and pressure cook with 2 1/4 cups of water till 5- 7  whistles  after 3 whistles reduce the flame. Once the cooker cools down, open the cooker and mash the rice well 
Boil the milk and let it cool down the milk. Mix in Milk,Cucumber and Curd to the rice and mix well. If you need more watery add hot water.

If you are adding more millagai fry it in little oil till it is crisp and keep it aside
 Heat oil in the kada and when oil is hot add mustard seeds. When start to pop up add urad dhal, bengal gram dhal and fry till it is brown. Add curry leaves, Green chilles (if u are adding more millagai skip green chillies) and asafoetida fry for another 30 sec.
Add seasoning and grapes to rice and mix it well. Serve with pickles or spicy vegetable dish

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  1. Thayir saadam is my daughter's favorite...She can live on this for days together....Loved your preparation and presentation

  2. Yummy, so soothing to the stomach & best meal for hot weather

  3. Yum Yum..All time favorite..nicely prepared and love the clicks too..

  4. I love the curd rice seasoned and do it most of the days..

  5. To me curd rice is a comforting dish, I can have it everyday along with a spicy mango pickle. I also love to add cucumber to the dish... very lovey presentation with the chips, makes me crave

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  6. Super comforting and yummy curd rice. I never end my meal without curd rice

  7. very comforting n delicious meal...looks inviting!!

  8. My all time fave summer time recipe-love it!!

  9. Give me that platter, feel like finishing it rite now.


  10. this post is very interesting and easy to read .... I hope to visit again

  11. This is a fabulous recipe for curd rice. I have posted a link to it under my own recipe for curd rice. Do take a look when you have a chance.
    I have also recently published a cookbook on healthy Indian food,
    Best wishes, Cheeku Bhasin

  12. thanks for sharing.

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    ωould often be passing on food.

  14. When you added some fruit with curd don't need any dish with curd rice. Keep update your blog Cookscape


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