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Ragi Puttu

Ragi, Is very good for the health. It is also a great boon for diabetics. Ragi has been close to my heart from my childhood. After marriage I do it only if my mum visiting me because my husband is not a big fan of it (He didn't even try may be the color which turns him off...). Somehow now, my second son also likes it so I have strong reason to start introducing Ragi food as part of meals. Now almost I do ragi items at least 2 times a week. Having more people on your side does help :-)

1 1/2cups Ragi Flour
1/4 cup Jaggery Powder (Adjust based on your sweetness)
2 tablespoon Grated Fresh Coconut
1tsp Cardamom powder

Take the ragi flour with enough salt in a large bowl...sprinkle some 1/4 cup of warm water n mix until they looks slightly crumbly in texture.

Transfer this crumbled ragi flour to a clean white cloth slightly wet...make a knot loosely n keep ready for steaming..

Heat the idli cooker r pressure cooker with enough the ragi flour over the idli plate n steam cook it for 10 minutes..
Transfer the steam ragi to a bowl..mash the steam cooked ragi with a fork to remove the lumps... 
Add the jaggery powder, fresh grated coconut n cardamom powder to the cooked ragi
Mix everything well..
Serve chilled r hot..
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