Nutella vermicelli Kheer (Payasam)

This Kheer (Payasam)is one of the first sweet I learned to make after my marriage. This one is less likely to go wrong..It is so easy and we can do so many variation and if you prefer you can make it completely healthy you can go for it. When we have no sweets at home and if it has been while my kids will always ask for 2 sweets normally this one and sweet (sarkarai) pongal. This you can do it anytime as most of ingredients are commonly available in anyone  home


vermicelli(Semiya) - 1/2 Cup
Mixed  Nuts (almonds/pista/cashew) - 3 tablespoon
Milk - 1 littre ( I use low fat)
Ghee  / Butter - 1 tablespoon
Cardamom powder - 2 teaspoon
Sugar - 1/4 Cup
Nutella - 1 tablespoon 

  • In a kadai, add ghee and fry the cashews till golden brown and keep aside.  In the same pan, add the  vermicelli and roast it till turns into a nice golden brown color. When you fry make sure you stir regularly so that you don't burn both vermicelli and nuts
  • Cook vermicelli with enough water and pinch of salt
  • Now add the milk in the kadai and boil it till the milk reduces to 3/4 th of the quantity.  Keep stirring in between.
  • Add the milk to cooked vermicelli

  • Add  Cardamom powder, Fried Nuts and Nutella and let it boil for 2-3 mins

  • Switch off the flame.
  • Add sugar to the payasam.
  • Serve hot or cold