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Mango - Avocado Milkshake Recipe

I love Mango! esp from Indian mango which you get it in season. Anything in Mango Yum.. I love Avocado also. I saw this recipe from and itching to try.. I got mango from India (my hubby came back from short trip) So excited to try


1 of ripe mangoes  (2 1/2 cups when it is diced)
1 of ripe avocado 
2 cups of milk (Used slim milk)
2 cups of water (adjust according to consistency desired) 
Sugar of as needed (I didn't add at all.. this will be dependent on the sweetness of the mango)
A pinch of salt 
2 teaspoon of Vanilla powder from coffe bean


1. Chop up the mangoes and the avocado. 

2. Add Mango, Avocado, Vanilla Powder to blender
3. Blend the mangoes and avocado into a smooth paste with no lumps. It will be super thick. 

4. Now add the milk and water and blend until well combined. This shake will be of smooth texture. Add more water or milk to your preference

5. Once you get a uniform mixture, add the sugar, salt. Chill and serve.
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  1. First time here, thank you for stopping by at my space.

    Milk shake looks delicious, I too love mangoes and avocados, will mix them up next time :-)

  2. Hi Veena ,

    Looks AAAwesome !!!!

    and very very healthy one:))))

    Keep on Dear...

  3. Wonderful combo and nicely done

  4. yum yum!!! Looks delicious and lovely clicks:)
    Happily following your space dear..:-)
    Hope u'll drop by n join my space too!!

  5. Delicious looking milkshake.

  6. Awesome milkshake. Adding mango to avocado makes it more delicious.

  7. looks delicious....!

  8. Mango Avocado Milkshake Recipe is looking nice and easy to made. Shakes recipes are very healthy and good for all and everyone like these recipes.


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