Kollu (Horse Gram) Idli recipe - Kollu idli recipe - Healthy breakfast recipe

By Now you must have relaized that I use Horse gram in everything. I wanted to try idli out of it. I also used idli rava instead of rice. Idli came out so nice


1/2 Cup Urad Dhal
1/2 Cup Horse Gram (Kollu)
2 Cup idli Rava / Rawa
Salt as required


Soak Urad dhal and Horse Gram together 4-5 hours
Grind to smooth batter
Add idli rawa/rava and salt run it for few seconds
Leave the batter in a warm place overnight(or for 5-6hrs) for fermentation.
Next morning, make idlis (steam like the normal idlis). Use idli cooker for better result

Serve with Spicy Tomato Chutney or Coconut Chutney