Possible Diet Plan # 1

Breakfast: Fat Free Cheese, Vegetables salad ( with fat free dressing)
Snack: Crackers (choose low fat, high calcium, high iron, low sugar etc..) - 2 pieces
Lunch: Tofu with Cabbage, 1/2 Cup Rice (preferably not white. U can try Brown, or Mixed rice, black or Quinoa)
Snack: 1 Fruit (recommended serving size). Choose healthy fruits like Kiwi, Apple, Rock Melon, Mango, Water melon, Dragon Fruits, Papaya, Honey Dew, Orange etc..
Dinner: Yogurt with Fruits (with Apple is best, you can have mango etc..) Select plain high calcium no sugar or plain with healthy choice option and mix the fresh fruits with it

Water at least 1.5 to 2 litres