Nutella Palmiers

After our Europe holiday kids are quite into Nutella (even before they were big fans of Nutella but I allow them twice a week.. During holiday they almost had everyday and lot of variety). I had left over pastry sheets after vegetable puff. Decide to try out Nutella Palmiers. Easy way to win over your kids. This recipe is so easy even bachelors and husbands can do it ....


Pastry sheet -- 1

Nutella - 2 tablespoon


Defrost the pastry sheets
Apply Nutella 
Cut the Pastry sheet into one inch in width long strip
Fold from both end make to palmiers shape
Spray non stick spray in a baking plate
Place the folded palmiers
Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees
Bake the arranged palmiers for 20 mins or till the pastry is brown in color (mine took 20 mins to brown)