Blueberry MilkShake

I love Blueberry for its color and goodness. I have seen it only after coming to Singapore. My kids love it too so we always fight have our portion. However lately my 2nd son developed allergy to it. So whenever I buy blueberry It is more for me and for my first son. I hate plain milk but now a days I need to find some option to have at least one cup a day. Most of the time I take in the form of milk shakes or smoothies or soya milk. Chill milk shake for a hot summer day!


200 g Fresh blueberries
2 Cups of milk (I have used low fat milk)
Handful of Fresh Mint Leaves
Ice Cubes as needed
Sugar / Honey As required
1 tablespoon of Vanilla powder

Add blueberry and Mint to blender

 Add Vanilla powder
Run the blender with little milk till blueberries are mashed
Add rest of the milk, Sugar, Ice cubes and whisk for 1 min
Serve chilled in tall glass