Apple Oats Milk Shake

I love Oats, After my diet program I prefer to have apple at least once a day. I find it very effective to have it between lunch and dinner. This weekend when I got up I was looking for options for breakfast. Kids used to have Noodles every Sat. I have stopped taking stuff from processed food. So Need to find something for me (may be for my husband also) It has been a while since I had milkshake without ice cream. Having Apple Oats milkshake would be perfect

Apple - 2 (I have used Red)
Milk - 2 cup ( have used low fat, high calcium)
Rolled Oats - 1/2 cup (Soak it for 1 hour and drain the water)
Sugar - 2 teaspoon (optional, For my portion I didn't add)
Chopped Almond - 1 teaspoon


Deseed the apple and add it to blender ( i have used it with skin)
Add Soaked Oats and 3/4 th cup of milk
Grind it in the blender
Add rest of the milk, Sugar (optional) and run the blender.

Add water if required to get desired consistency. Decorate it with chopped almonds
Enjoy the drink (Chill it if desired)