Sambar Chapathi / Chappathi

I had lot of left over sambar. I didn't want to carry to next day also. So wondering what do with that. I have to do something for dinner. I am not having Idli or Dosa batter so what can be done with Sambar. Bingo! Masala Chapathi. I did that quite sometime ago and no can figure it out... And tasted good. It was also pretty soft. 


Wheat flour - 1 Cup
Sambar - 1 Cup ( take out all the vegetable or any chunky pieces in the sambar like Onion, tomato)
Salt per taste


Mix all the ingredients and make a dough like normally you make it for Chapathi. Keep it aside for 30 mins
Take Lemon size ball
Roll out to thin roti
Heat the flat tawa
Put the roti and apply oil and cook till brown spot appear
Turn it over and cook again till brow spot appear
Serve hot with any side dish