Nutella, Cheese Bread Sandwich

I was planning to have Avocado nutella sandwich. But when I peel the avocado skin right before breakfast time , realized it was spoiled. With kids sitting on the table, I was thinking about what is the alternative I have. Decided try out Nutella, Cheese grilled bread Sandwich. It is simple yet kids friendly recipe. It is also for lazy Sunday Morning breakfast


Bread - 2
Nutella - 2 teaspoon
Bread Cheese - 1 ( I use 60% fat free  Kraft)
Bread Butter - 1 teaspoon


Apply 1/2 teaspoon butter on each bread
Keep the bread on grill plate (butter side down)
Apply 1 teaspoon of Nutella on each of the bread
Keep the cheese in between and close it with another bread
Toast it till bread is brown
Enjoy the tasty sandwich